Robust and Secure Distributed Computing

Robust and Secure Distributed Computing

Research Unit in Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Who we are

The Robust and Secure Distributed Computing (RiSING) research unit focuses on the investigation of methods and the design and implementation of platforms that guarantee efficiency, robustness and security in distributed computing environments.

Our research on security on cloud and network infrastructure revolves around offering adaptive and zero-trust defense to cloud-native services, with special emphasis on striking the right balance between minimizing security risks and maintaining the perceived service quality for distributed applications. We have a long-standing experience on infrastructure monitoring and control, as well as on resource and service orchestration.

The unit pursues its research and development activities in the following areas:

  • Threat and Anomaly Detection and Mitigation: monitoring network and computing devices (through e.g. programmable data planes) to detect attacks (using AI or statistical methods) and counteract them
  • Cyber Deception: algorithms and tools to lure attackers into decoys to gain insights on their behavior
  • Service and Security Orchestration: automated networking and cloud computing solutions to effectively manage business and security applications

The RiSING unit lies within the Cybersecurity center in Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK).

Research Areas

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