Robust and Secure Distributed Computing

Service and security orchestration

Service orchestration, in a broader context, refers to the coordination and automation of multiple services or processes to achieve a specific outcome efficiently and seamlessly. It is not limited to cybersecurity but can be applied to various domains such as IT, telecommunications, cloud computing, and business process management. It plays a crucial role in modern IT and business operations, allowing organizations to deliver services and achieve their objectives with greater speed, flexibility, and reliability.

Our focus:

  • Devise service allocation algorithms that effectively use available resources and develop tools for automating the orchestration of workloads
  • Propose strategies that effectively deploys security applications without affecting the quality of service of business applications
  • Traffic engineering, effective control and orchestration for circuit- and packet-based networks

Selected Publications

  • Francescomaria Faticanti, Marco Savi, Francesco De Pellegrini, Domenico Siracusa
    Locality-aware deployment of application microservices for multi-domain fog computing
    In: Computer Communications (DOI)
  • Francescomaria Faticanti, Francesco De Pellegrini, Domenico Siracusa, Daniele Santoro, Silvio Cretti
    Throughput-aware Partitioning and Placement of Applications in Fog Computing
    In: IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (DOI)
  • Roberto Doriguzzi Corin, Sandra Scott-Hayward, Domenico Siracusa, Marco Savi, Elio Salvadori
    Dynamic and Application-Aware Provisioning of Chained Virtual Security Network Functions
    In: IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (DOI)