Robust and Secure Distributed Computing


FLEXINDUSTRIES Digitally-enabled FLEXible Industries for reliable energy grids under high penetration of Variable Renewable Energy Sources


  • Period: from 01/06/2022.
  • Funding: EU Horizon Research & Innovation Program.
  • Website: CORDIS website.


FLEXIndustries builds upon a holistic multi-disciplinary (device, process and value-chain) and multi-scale (operating, tactical and strategic) approach fostering its 7 multi-sector (automotive, biofuels, polymers, steel, pulp & paper, pharmaceuticals, cement) energy intensive industries design and deploy the most suitable Energy Efficiency Measures and Process Flexibility Methods for their industrial environments along with a positive impact onto their interconnection with the electrical & heating networks. FLEXIndustries develops and demonstrates a Dynamic Energy & Process Management Platform to monitor, analyse and optimize the most energy-intensive industrial processes, by managing properly emerging demand response mechanisms and providing plant and process flexibility as well as offering grid services.


For a complete list of the partners please view the CORDIS page of project.